Mohbad Hospitalized After Been Assaulted (Beaten) By Music Manager, Naira Marley

Mohbad Hospitalized After Been Assaulted (Beaten) By Music Manager, Naira Marley
Mohbad Hospitalized After Been Assaulted Beaten By Music Manager Naira Marley

Welcome to correctvibe once again, today we will be discussing on another news headline on the entertainment industry, between , Oreoluwa Oladapo and his music manager. claims that and his aid Oreoluwa Oladapo, where all beaten by the marlians crew.

After what is believed to be an attack by the CEO of the record company works for, musician and his assistant Oreoluwa Oladapo were taken to the hospital.

On Wednesday, October 5, Oreoluwa Oladapo uploaded videos on Instagram showing himself and Mohbad in various stages of their injuries.

In the video, the assistant, who is also aIn the video, the assistant, who is also a choreographer, condemned the assault and added that and his accomplices need to be held responsibility for anything that happens to them.

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He wrote:👇

If I die, the whole of marlians music individuals( and his boiz)should be held responsible. Look how my brothers and I were treated without even engaging in any physical fight with any of the marlian music people. I was dragged naked on the road and did nothing about it, I lost some of my valuables.


“I was stripped like I stole all in the name of begging them not to touch Mohbad. I know I don’t have the power and connection they do have but I have GOD. We are attacked with all sort of weapons…please ooo Nigerians help me… I repeat if I die marlians music people should be held responsible………..shuddy, seyi, Sid and co .. if I die, at least people will know some of the names of the people who brutalized me…. I fear nobody but God my creator.

In another post, Mohbad claimed he has been receiving threat messages.

He wrote:👇

“I’m getting threatening messages. I no fear to die o. God na im give person life. I was stripped naked on the streets like a dog or a thief. Me wey no touch anything just apologizing.”

Mohbad also turned to his Twitter profile, where he revealed in a series of tweets that the label was attempting to have him murdered because he demanded that his manager be replaced. Mohbad’s Twitter page may be seen here.

Naira Marley

In reaction, Naira Marley went live on Instagram and said that Mohbad was not in the correct mental state. He gave the impression that the vocalist was stoned.


Mohbad, in retaliation, replied to Naira Marley’s Instagram live with a tweet, in which he claimed that everything Naira Marley stated was a lie.

You may recall that Mohbad, whose real name is Ilerioluwa Oladimeji, filed a complaint with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in February 2022 alleging that Naira Marley and other individuals presented a risk to his life. Mohbad’s real name is Ilerioluwa Oladimeji.

An associate of Naira Marley was seen and heard lamenting and identifying his colleagues in a video that was uploaded to the internet on February 25 and quickly gained widespread attention. He said that his employees are plotting his death.

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