7 Best Things To Do In Conway (Arkansas)

7 Best Things To Do In Conway (Arkansas)

Best Things To Do In Conway (Arkansas) – The state’s highest concentration of jobs per capita is found in Conway, which is situated in central Arkansas‘ Faulkner County. This suggests that the majority of people who live within the city limits do not have to travel to work in nearby areas. The city is regarded as a regional hub for the arts, technology, and education.

Because of its large number of colleges and universities, Conway is frequently referred to as “the city of colleges.” As one might imagine in a city full of institutions and big technology enterprises, Conway offers a wide range of cultural, historical, and recreational options uncommon in communities of its size.

Conway, Arkansas is a popular tourist destination that combines the charm of a little town with the modern comforts of a thriving metropolis. The Baum Gallery at the University of Central Arkansas, Art on the Green, and the spectacular museum-style gallery are all excellent places to learn about Conway’s history and culture. Adventure seekers will find lots of thrills at the Hogwild Family Fun Center, Conway Family Bowl, and Thunder Road Grand Prix.

With thriving cities like Little Rock only a 40-minute drive away on the highway and the Ouachita mountains producing adventures all throughout the region, Conway is a well-known holiday destination in Arkansas that offers a variety of adventures for everyone. Conway has a variety of attractions you can explore to your heart’s content, including arcades, art galleries, independently owned restaurants, and stores.

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Here are the 7 best things to do In Conway (Arkansas):

1. Thunder Road Grand Prix


If an adrenaline rush is more essential to you than an antique armoire, a trip to Thunder Road Grand Prix is advisable. Antique shops and art galleries can be amusing but somewhat monotonous. There are so many different circuits and automobile styles to pick from that it won’t be difficult to get in the mood when they tell you to start your engines.

It’s especially fun to play with friends or family because it promotes a culture of healthy rivalry that makes everyone’s pulse rate go up. On Dave Ward Drive in Conway, Thunder Road Grand Prix is a fantastic spot for a birthday celebration.

2. Jenifer’s Antiques


A one-stop shop for antiques and other unique arts and crafts items, Jenifer’s Antiques is conveniently located on Oak Street in downtown Conway. There are several antique stores in the region, each with a distinctive flair, including Jenifer’s.

There are many little and affordable pieces of Arkansas memorabilia to choose from if you’re traveling and want to buy some souvenirs or gifts for loved ones back home. Spend around an hour browsing their collection.



3. Baum Gallery at Uca


The University of Central Arkansas is home to the Baum Gallery, the most well-known art gallery in the region. The gallery, which includes several rooms and a large amount of floor space, exhibits both professional and student artwork in a variety of genres.

The gallery arranges exhibitions by visiting artists at different times; the majority of them are free to view, so you can enjoy the university campus while also seeing some intriguing pieces without spending a lot of money. The best way to keep up with what they’ll be presenting is to frequently check their website.

4. Whole Hog Café


Conway, Arkansas’s Whole Hog Café on East Oak Street is renowned for its excellent BBQ and is one of central Arkansas’ top makers of tangy, juicy food. The restaurant has a pleasant, lively, and family-friendly atmosphere and offers a variety of BBQ selections to suit every palate.

Before being seated, expect servers to accept your order at the counter rather than at your table. The menu’s highlights include the pulled pork and ribs, coleslaw, hush puppies, baked beans, and even some of the best french fries in town.

5. Beaver fork Lake Park


Located just off Highway 25 and a short distance from downtown Conway, Beaver fork Lake Park is a 25-acre park on the west-central shore of Beaver fork Lake. Some of the park’s most fun things include boating, swimming, and fishing, and it offers all the facilities you’d expect from a sizable municipal park.

A playground, baseball and volleyball courts, restrooms, and a number of covered picnic areas with BBQ grills are also present. There are three parking lots, and they can become rather congested on warm, sunny days.

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6. Cadron Settlement Park


Locals love Cadron Settlement Park because it is close to town on Arkansas Highway 319 and offers a handy and beautiful location to get some exercise while seeing the river and cliffs that surround the park.

Through the park’s wooded areas, there are clearly marked walking and bicycling paths. A map is placed near the parking area and trailhead so you can see where each path leads. Because of the numerous birds and stunning surroundings, it’s a great place to shoot pictures, so make sure your phone is charged.

7. Faulkner County Museum


The Faulkner County Museum, one of the city’s most complete collections for anything Conway, is housed in one of the county’s historic jailhouses. The building is situated on Courthouse Square. It has been restored to its original design and is primarily made of local stone and brick.

One of the city’s most identifiable landmarks is its golden spire roof. In addition to being a jail, it was also a library in the 1930s and a museum since the 1990s. The museum features more contemporary items and exhibitions, but its main concentration is on the history of the region before it was settled.

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