16 Legit Free Nigerian Music Download Websites

16 Legit Free Nigerian Music Download Websites
Top 4 Nigeria Entertaiment Music Download Site

If you are searching for free Nigerian music download websites then this post is for you. In this article, I will tell you about the 10 best Nigerian music download sites that give you access to the latest music downloads for free. So let’s get started.

If you are an African, there will come a time in your life when you need to break out your dancing shoes. When this happens, you will require some Nigerian music for your party. However, where can you download Nigerian music for free?

Whether you are a fan of Naija music or someone who enjoys relaxing to the rhythm of a great melody, you need to buy the music. The only place you can purchase Nigerian music is online, which also means that in this contemporary world of cut-throat competition and financial vulnerability, raising additional money to get some music CD can be only that bit difficult.

Unfortunately, most of the Free Nigerian music download websites fall short of expectations as you will either be asked to purchase an upgrade or pay for some other worthless service. You might be wondering how these free music download websites are surviving and making a profit.

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Naija music is a wide category and there are many types of Nigerian music that one can listen to. Most Nigerians are crazy about music and they can’t do without their music, especially the Nigerians living abroad.

If you have been searching for Nigerian Music Downloads Sites, It’s not hard if you know where to look. There are quite a number of websites that offer free songs and audio in Nigeria. In fact, some of these sites are as popular as Naijaloaded, TooXclusive, Fulloaded, and others.

10 Free Nigerian Music Download Websites 2022

The following are legitimate sites where you can get your favorite Nigerian music for free:

  1. Naijaloaded – https://naijaloaded.com
  2. Correctvibe – https://correctvibe.com/
  3. tooXclusive – https://tooxclusive.com/
  4. Notjustok – https://notjustok.com/
  5. 36ng.ng – https://36ng.ng.com/
  6. Naijapals – https://naijapals.com/
  7. Mp3bullet – https://mp3bullet.com/
  8. Mp3naija – https://mp3naija.com/
  9. NaijaMusic – https://naijaMusic.com.ng/
  10. Fulloaded – https://fulloaded.com/
  11. Soloplay – https://soloplay.ng/
  12. Tumundomusical – https://tumundomusical.com/
  13. Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/
  14. ReverbNation – https://reverbnation.com/
  15. YouTube – https://youtube.com.com/

1. Naijaloaded.com.ng

Naijaloaded.com is a popular website for Nigerian music downloads. It has over 600,000 songs in its database and it’s constantly expanding with new songs every day. It provides all kinds of African music including Nigeria’s highlife, Afrobeat, Juju, etc. The website keeps on updating its database with new songs every day and this is what makes it popular with its visitors who keep coming back for more free downloads. They have different sections for different genres of music like hip hop, r&b, rock, pop, and others which makes it easy for you to find your type of song whenever you visit the site for free downloads.

2. Correctvibe.com

If for any reason, Naijaloaded isn’t working for you, then I would recommend that you visit correctvibe.com. Correctvibe is a very reliable website because they offer their users a wide range of African music to choose from and they also have a collection of the latest news on celebrities and movies as well as some trending news by trending hashtags.

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The site offers unlimited free download of high-quality mp3 music tracks which you can easily download and play on your phone, laptop or computer. There are no restrictions when it comes to downloading music from the Correctvibe Music Download Website as long as you have an internet connection, you’re good to go!

2. Tumundomusical.com

Tumundomusical is the home of the latest Nigerian music. With a nice and wonderful user interface, which makes it very easy to navigate, it’s updated with the latest Nigerian music.

The website offers a wide variety of content, including Afropop and gospel songs—whatever you’re looking for, it’s probably here. Even if you don’t like the site for one reason or another (maybe because of all the ads), you will not even notice them because there is so much more to this website.

3. Fulloaded.com

Fulloaded.com gives you access to a large collection of Nigerian music including inspirational songs, hip hop music, R&B, and Afrobeat among others. This is one of the most popular download sites for Nigerian music because it has been in operation since 2018 and is continually expanding through new partnerships with other websites like Nokia Music Store as well as other online platforms which give it access to a greater number of users and their tastes in music.

4. TooXclusive.com

TooXclusive is one of the most popular Free Nigerian Music Download Websites. TooXclusive is always on top, with all-new free music downloads and Nigerian music.

TooXclusive Nigeria is a site where you can get all your latest and popular Naija music for free in mp3 format. They also offer different types of music genres from Afrobeat, Hip-hop, RnB, Highlife, Zouk, and Reggae to name a few.

It’s 100% free to download any type of Nigerian music at the tooXclusive Music Download Site, but if you love the music, Please remember tooXclusive and make a small donation by clicking on the “donate” button below each song.

5. Naijablits.com

Naijablits is a platform that hosts music and videos by Nigerian artists, both local and international. It also provides the latest updates on award shows and interviews with popular acts in Nigeria’s entertainment industry.

Among the free Nigerian music download sites, Naijablits is notable for offering both Nigerian and international music. In fact, some of the site’s content is not available anywhere else online.

The interface is user-friendly and comes with social media integration, keeping you up to date on all your connections the whole time you’re browsing their collection or listening to music.

6. Naijasound.com.ng

Naijasound is a website that provides content from Nigeria and other African countries. On this site, you can get the latest Nigeria music, videos for free or with just one tap on your phone screen! The dark mode user interface makes it easy to use as well – so what are you waiting for? Download some of these amazing tracks today. Just make sure not to be distracted by ads when downloading because they’re really annoying.

7. Notjustok.com

Notjustok.com is one of the free Nigerian music download websites where you can actually get more songs at your peace. This is because it does not require you to pay for premium membership like other websites do.

All the singers and songs are classified for easy search making sure that you’ll never get confused with names, titles, and genres. Other than getting more music from their site, you can also read their blog section. It is known as “The Newsroom”, where they write article blogs on trending topics.

8. Naijasturf.com.ng

Naijasturf is a one-stop shop for Nigerian music. Not only can you download top singles, like Tiwa Savage’s “All over” but also watch their latest videos and read up on all of today’s entertainment news! Get ready to party with this awesome website every day.

9. 36ng.ng

Over the years 36ng.ng has become a really popular site due to its great library of music and an easy-to-use interface. I found myself using it a lot so thought I’d review the site for you.

10. Naijapals.com

Naijapals.com is one of the oldest free Nigerian music download websites. They have an excellent collection of Nigerian music as well as videos which makes downloading and listening to your favorite Nigerian artist a breeze!

In addition to that, the website also allows you to watch movies online and read most of the celebrity’s news. This website was founded in 2005 by Akin Okeowo (CEO) who, with his old school friends, sought out to create a space on the web that Nigerians could call home for free streaming and downloading of their favorite Nigerian songs which couldn’t be accessed easily by that time.

11. Mp3bullet.ng

Mp3bullet.ng is one of the fastest-growing Nigerian music download websites in the world. They offer free and legal downloads of all your favorite songs, albums, and music videos. You can search for any song in their database of over 40,000 tracks. How is their search engine? Pretty good, but it needs some improvement.

12. Mp3naija.com.ng

Mp3naija.com.ng is one of the best websites for downloading songs for free. The website has a large collection of new and old songs which can be downloaded in just a few minutes.

They have a lot of Vibe songs to listen to and download. However, they mainly have Wizkid, Ice Prince, and a huge library of Nigerian Dj Mixes.

13. NaijaMusic.com.ng

NaijaMusic.com.ng is not just a free music download website but they also allow you to do more with their website. You can choose to do any other things with their website such as reading news, watching your favorite movies, and following your preferred celebrity.

Now we all have had enough experience with a few websites that allow us to download our favorite music for free yet most of them are either disappear over time or are not working anymore.

14. Soundcloud.com

This is a website created specifically for Nigerian music producers and artists who want to promote their work in front of millions of users across the world.

15. ReverbNation.com

Here, you can find thousands of Nigerian musicians who you can buy and listen to their songs online without paying a dime at all!

16. YouTube.com

YouTube is another great platform where you can watch Nigerian videos online and listen to your favorite music from talented artists across Nigeria.


This is a list of the top 10 legit free Nigerian music download websites in no particular order. This list is only meant to provide information on websites that offer legit free downloads and not illegal downloads. We can focus on the best of the best. With millions of people using these sites every day to download music, which one is the best?

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