Want to Succeed with Google Adsense? Don’t Use These 2 Niche

Want To Succeed With Google Adsense Dont Use These 2 Niche
Want To Succeed With Google Adsense Dont Use These 2 Niche

There are several types of blogs that are not appropriate and will be a waste of time if used for Adsense, either because the setup is not good or maybe poor site management, but most of the failures are caused by blog topics that are less attractive or there are no visitors.

From various blogs found, there are 2 types of blogs that I regularly notice failing to make money from Google Adsense.

Before discussing in more detail about the most difficult types of blogs to earn income from Adsense, let’s first take a look at the metrics about the most important backgrounds for Adsense accounts that are categorized as healthy.

Key Metric Adsense

Although there are several types of Adsense bids, Cost Per Click (CPC) is the highest. With CPC a publisher like you will get paid if the ad on the blog is clicked by a blog visitor.

If you understand the Adsense key metric well, you will also understand why the type of page I mean below naturally has very low performance.


Because income from Adsense is obtained from ad clicks, it means that visitors must be willing to click on ads on your blog. This behavior is measured in clickthrough rate (CTR).

Then why do users want to click on ads on your blog? The answer is (in addition to accidental clicks) of course the ads served must benefit the visitors themselves.


Earnings from Adsense also depend on the price per click. Broadly speaking, it can be explained that it depends on the competition of advertisers on your blog.

Advertisers usually want to sell something be it a product or service. The higher the price of the product or service offered, the higher the probability that visitors from your blog will take action on their site where of course they will be more willing to invest which impacts the higher your income.


To compare sites with different amounts of traffic, CTR and CPC, Income Performance is often measured in Return Per Mile (RPM), which is the profit generated per 1,000 page impressions. This is also often referred to as Cost Per Mile (CPM).

This Type Of Blogs That Fail For Adsense
It is possible that you have successfully run several projects for a number of reasons. But if you are new to the Adsense online advertising business then I would advise against choosing one of the following topics.

2 types of blogs or websites with very low AdSense potential “live unwillingly dead do not want to” it is unclear how you can see in the following review.

#1. News Site

If you have a plan to create an online news site and generate more revenue from advertising, you should consider it carefully. Because at this time there is no idea how many news sites out there are already well-established, for example national news sites such as channels.com, BBC.com , cnn.com and others.

While the local version of the news site is now controlled by naij.com. There are indeed a number of local news sites that have managed to get out of their recess, say, for example legit.ng , but they need a very hard struggle and many years to be able to embrace the interests of readers, even though it cannot be said to be aligned with large sites the.

What I mean here is not about publishing online versions of print newspapers, but some publishers who want to publish blog sites to publish all kinds of news without a journalistic background.

Most of the consultation requests I have received so far are actually mostly for those news sites, and I only receive a small portion of them. This is mainly because I don’t want to see them reap disappointment, especially when I see with confidence that there is no potential for success at all.

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Why won’t news sites be successful for Adsense?

Consider the following questions:

Why do users want to visit news sites? What problems did they face that they wanted to visit the news site? What is the mode so they want to visit a blog or news site?

Who are those who will be willing to come visit the news site to read articles about road accidents, Oscar winners and funny commercial advertisements?

What solutions can you offer site visitors to solve their problems? And how long does it take to solve their problems?

These questions are often asked by advertisers to themselves and you should too! The more likely that someone is spending money to solve their problem through your site, the more likely it is that an ad will be clicked, (this does not only apply to news sites) .

It may be that some of you readers of this article have already been trapped in it, but just a reminder, that one of the weaknesses of news sites is the lack of focus .

Implementing Adsense is very easy, but the ad serving rules still apply. Monetizing news sites through Adsense is very difficult, the value is very low. In conclusion, if you cannot sell ads directly to advertisers, don’t expect too much from Adsense.

The Solution For News Sites Is Focus

Generally the problems on news sites like the one above are not always solved but that doesn’t mean they can’t. Therefore, it can be suggested here to do some methods that approach at least can reduce some parts of these problems.

Most news sites have several news categories that are updated regularly every day. But only a few categories of the site have significant traffic, involve visitors and generate profits from advertising.

From there, identify the most popular categories, then decide to focus on these categories only. Remove other categories that will only cost you and your resources.

The same can be applied to this type of content, it is possible that visitors or search engines prefer headlines, local stories, or photo galleries. Identify and focus on the strengths of your then remove the weak side.

Last question: When was the last time you saw a print version of the newspaper that was successfully transferred to the online version to make money from Adsense? Almost nothing, very rarely.

#2. Monetizing Hobbies Through Blogs

Do you want to monetize a hobby through a blog? Writing short stories, stories, poems, games, Scrabbles and so on?

It’s legitimate if you really want to start making this type of blog for Adsense, if you really don’t intend to make money from a blog, because it’s just a hobby. Something you do in investing your time and resources without expecting to get income in return.

There are a number of hobby blogs that are very fortunate because blog updates are carried out constantly continuously and then in a span of a few years then generate millions of impressions per month.

But based on information I have obtained from several blog owners this type of mention that they have a very low RPM, and may always be as low as that for several reasons that will be discussed next.

For some people the blog initially only channeled a hobby, but eventually became a commercial blog site, it’s no longer a hobby. This is because they put some ads on the blog, even with very little income.

When compared to news sites the type of hobby blog is still clearer in focus, and most visitors are more interested in this type of blog, what else is the type of gaming site. Because the type of game sites involve more users and generally they will visit again.

Although visitors from game sites such as Scrabble generate millions of impressions and generate extraordinary profits for advertisers such as potential buyers, there are no higher or more expensive product advertisements on the topic of gaming. Automatically the value of adsense ads that are displayed will also be very low.

My own experience shows that hobby blogs will only produce if visitors want to spend their money on your site. You surely understand that keywords for games such as Scrabble, race etc. have no significant click value. But here are some examples of topics that might be applied so that income is better than Adsense .

  • traveling
  • hunting
  • pets (pets … everyone likes this topic, right?)

In general, a hobby can direct people about what they need, whether it is expensive equipment or something that they regularly buy can make Adsense work very well and produce for you.

The point is if your hobby blog doesn’t make good money from Adsense, but you do it as a hobby anyway, then you don’t need to waste time and mind just for a few dollars from AdSense and you should just delete Adsense ads from your site.


If you don’t run a blog with one of the topics mentioned above then you might have run one of the suggestions from the reviews in this article.

You must understand how important it is to consider why people want to spend their money advertising on your blog. AdSense is only one side, but on the other side you can still sell your blog to other advertisers who want to sell something to your blog visitors.

Newcomers to online advertising are strongly advised to reconsider the idea so they can see whether the idea has performance and the potential for success?

Mistakes in choosing an approach will cost tens of millions or time in vain in an unknown period when your investment will return.

This article is based on the results of several years of experience in the Adsense world. May be useful.

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